Baughman Breaks Through with ASCS Lone Star at Abilene

Baughman Breaks Through with ASCS Lone Star at Abilene

(Photo Credit: Terry Mattox)

ABILENE, Texas (July 12, 2014) - Josh Baughman finally broke into victory lane in ASCS competition, doing so Saturday night at the Abilene Speedway with the Smiley's Racing Products Lone Star Region.

Patrick Stasa moved to second from fourth with Kevin Ramey third. Harli White from sixth was fourth with Zane Lawrence from thirteenth to complete the top-five. Jake Martens was sixth with Shawn Petersen from fourteenth to seventh. Brandon Long, John Carney II, and John Kelly made up the top-ten.

The Smiley's Racing Products Lone Star Region races next at the Heart O' Texas with the Griffith Truck and Equipment Gulf South Region on August 15 and Devil's Bowl Speedway on August 16. For continued updates on the American Sprint Car Series, log onto

Smiley's Racing Products ASCS Lone Star Region
Abilene Speedway - Abilene, Texas
Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 19-Patrick Stasa; 2. 17X-Josh Baughman; 3. 1A-Kevin Ramey; 4. 17W-Harli White; 5. 2K-John Kelly; 6. 58-Gary Floyd; 7. 4X-Shawn Petersen

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 12-James Mosher; 2. 25-Sterling Hoff; 3. 48-Jake Martens; 4. 74B-John Carney II; 5. 02-Brandon Long; 6. 76-Zane Lawrence; 7. 19X-Steven Elliott

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 17X-Josh Baughman[1]; 2. 19-Patrick Stasa[4]; 3. 1A-Kevin Ramey[3]; 4. 17W-Harli White[6]; 5. 76-Zane Lawrence[13]; 6. 48-Jake Martens[7]; 7. 4X-Shawn Petersen[14]; 8. 02-Brandon Long[10]; 9. 74B-John Carney II[5]; 10. 2K-John Kelly[9]; 11. (DNF) 12-James Mosher[2]; 12. (DNF) 25-Sterling Hoff[8]; 13. (DNF) 19X-Steven Elliott[12]; 14. (DNF) 58-Gary Floyd[11]